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Upcoming short film Notice!

2015-11-11 11:05:56 by HashimDaAnimator

Hey Peeps!, 

Im currently in the planning, storyboarding, character design stages for a upcoming short film im currently making. Its my first ever one and im aiming for a minute at most, as its going to take a while to work all of this out. 

At the moment im by myself on this, and would love somebody along side to collab with me if you got the free time (Its a commitment thing, no commissions).

Im not sure exactly when its going to be released, but i will update you guys on this in the next couples of weeks to confirm the release date :D




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2015-11-11 14:36:24

I'm in! Count me in! Can I join?

HashimDaAnimator responds:

Sure, just PM me your email address, any relevant contact info (e.g. Skype, Fb, etc..) Hope to work well with you bro :D